Monday, January 8, 2007

Weekly Update

Okay, so I'm suppose to being this Project 365 photo thing. I'm a photo nut. It shouldn't be too hard for me. However, on day 2 I discovered my camera was broken. [sigh] The viewing screen had cracked. On day 4 I was able to get that fixed. Wal-Mart ended up switching it out for a brand new camera. Woo-Hoo!!! I was in business. However, I didn't take a photo yesterday. I pulled it out today to take my photo & my "batteries are exhausted." [bigger sigh] While I love having a new digital camera, I really hate how quickly it goes through batteries. This is about my third or fourth set in about a month. I'm going to be looking at getting a set of rechargeable ones tomorrow during my grocery shopping. Hopefully that will solve the issue. So why don't you see a photo for today - I only had on AA battery in the house. I do have photos from the other day that I do need to upload. Once I get my new camera to behave about that - it will be up on the blog.

This weekend was pretty nice & quiet around here. We all stayed pretty close to home. Saturday my dh worked on the new addition (need to get photos of that up too). However, it was so warm here that we didn't use the wood stove all that much as it made it too darn hot in here! Imagine that - January in Maine & the wood stove makes it too HOT inside! Go figure!!!!

Sunday we tried out a new church. It's actually not "new" but we've never attended services there. My kiddos have attended AWANA there for about a year. They really have fun with it. We had some things we didn't like about our other church so we decided to try a new one. We liked it & enjoyed the service. The pastor discussed Christian Freedom & Liberty. The basis of the sermon was that if you believe something you do is a sin, but the Bible doesn't say it is, it is a sin for you. He also discussed how if you don't believe an action is a sin (he used smoking & drinking as examples) but a new Christian does believe this, then be sure that your actions do not cause them to stumble. For instance, if we went to a summer outing & the Pastor was there with a drink in his hand, even though no where in the Bible does it say not to drink, how would that make you feel? Most people would say uncomfortable for sure. The other example he used was if you drove up to church & he was standing outside smoking a cigarette, would you want your children to see this? It was very thought provoking to be sure.

I managed to undecorate the house from all things Christmas on Saturday. It's nice to have my living room back. Then on Sunday my hubby finished the storage shelves in the new addition & moved all his hiking/camping totes out there. They have been living in my living room for the last 2-1/2 years. I didn't realize it was so spacious!

Watch for a photo update later in the week. We started back to homeschool this week so I'm busy getting back in the swing of things. I also need to stock the pantry tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to it as I have to bring the boys. There is never a good time for this. If I go in the morning, we have to push school to after lunch. The closest large grocery store is 30 minutes away so it becomes either an all morning or all afternoon trip. If we wait until after J's nap in the afternoon, it gets late. I'll probably try to head out around 8am tomorrow morning & hopefully that will have us back by 11ish. Then I'll have time to do school after lunchtime. That also means I'll have new batteries for the camera & can get some photos taken! :-)

Although winter has come back to Maine overnight. We woke to snow this morning & it took my hubby two hours to get in to work today. It normally takes him an 1-1/4. I just asked him if I should be planning to go out tomorrow morning & he said the roads were really bad. Everything that was wet iced up. So I guess it's grocery shopping in the afternoon. J will have to have an early nap tomorrow!


  1. Rechargeable batteries are the BEST!! Definitely worth the investment (especially if you use them for your digital camera). We have three boys in the house so there is always a need for AA batteries for remote control cars, flashlights, and whatnot. We have two different chargers (nice to have the one that does AAA as well) and a drawer full of rechargeable batteries.

  2. So glad they replaced the camera! And I agree with Kathy. Rechargeable is the best way to go with a digital camera. Can't wait to see your new photos!

    We haven't had snow here yet, and the kids are getting antsy. They're flushing ice cubes down the toilet every night (someone at school told them this helps) and doing snow dances. :) I admit, I wouldn't mind a nice snow day myself.

  3. We would like to have some snow.. so send some our way! We're supposed to dip into the almost zero temps for the HIGH by the weekend.... I'd RATHER have SNOW than COLD! Or, at least if it's going to get cold it should SNOW, too. (LOL).


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