Wednesday, February 14, 2007

From My Sweetie

My hubby gave me a CD this am - but he had to call me to point it out. It was sitting on my blood glucose meter so I really shouldn't have missed it. In my defence I thought the kids were playing with the other CD's sitting on the table. It was the Carrie Underwood CD. I listened to it earlier in the day. It was pretty good. Then he came home & had all the boys sign a card for me. He also gave me a movie - The Lake House. I haven't seen it yet so I hope it's good. Finally he gave me a card AND he wrote me a poem. He even said I could share it here. Oh - I just made him his favorite dinner & dessert. :-)

A Man Once Said

A man once said,
"Every marriage has,
It's good years
and it's bad years."

That man is probably single now,
Drinking Scotch in a daze,
Wondering what just happened.

Another man once said,
"Behind every great man,
Is a great woman."

That man is probably dead now,
Buried in the back yard,
Under a cracked cast-iron skillet.

By my experience,
These past 13 years,
Neither of these is true.
I would re-write:

"The right marriage is,
A work in progress,
Like God's masterpiece,
Growing closer every year."

And, of course,

"Behind every great man,
Is a woman feeding his delusion."

this I know is true:

You are without a doubt:
My better half,
My grounding rod,
My Sweetness Revealed.

I support you.
I need you.
I want you.

I love you, always.

Is there any doubt why I ever married him? I love you, babe.

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