Monday, February 12, 2007

Hey Kid, You're Going To Shoot Your Eye Out!

Okay, anyone who has ever seen Christmas movie "The Christmas Story" will probably make the connection with the title of this post & the photo of B. Yes, he is holding a Red Ryder BB Gun. LOL

My hubby is an avid hunter & has grown up around guns. We want to instill that in our boys as well the safety mind that is needed as well. So they are going to start with a BB gun. B did not know he was going to be getting one. My hubby, his dad, & brother all wen to KTP (aka Kittery Trading Post) today. My hubby was getting some things he had been saving forever for - he amazes me about how well he can save, but I digress.

Just as they were leaving the store, my FIL mentions to my hubby that he hadn't done the "bb thing" for B. So off they went & B was floating all the way home I think! His uncle even bought him something like 6,000 BBs for it!!!

Unfortunately, it was dark by the time they got home. Hubby made B sit down & read the safety manual & then my FIL & hubby took him out on my in-laws deck & let him do three shots. My FIL is a certified Hunter Safety instructor & he helped B with his shots. The gun resides in our bedroom & poor B hasn't had it since, but he's still pretty psyched about it.

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