Saturday, April 21, 2007


Where to begin.....

Our oldest son was diagnosed when we was a preschooler with "sensory issues" as I've called them. Basically it falls on the autistic spectrum but we've never had a further diagnosis. He had three years of occupational therapy (along with speech therapy) & seemed to grow out of a lot of his issues. However, he still struggles with some things. One is the fear of falling. I'm not talking a minor fear - but a full blown, can't possibly reason with - type fear. This affected his ability to learn to ride a bike. He's 10-1/2 now & his six year old brother taught himself last year. I'm not sure if this bothered him, but it may have. I just figured he'd either learn how to get past it & do it or he wouldn't, but no big deal.

Well, today I was gone all day long. I spend one long day a month at my sister's with her & another friend to scrapbook. While I was gone my FIL taught B how to ride his bike!!!!! Yeah!!!!! I am so proud of B for facing this fear head on & conquering it.

My hubby also taught N (who taught himself how to ride last fall) how to ride his new larger bike. The boys are having a blast riding from my in-laws house to our house & back.

B showing off his skills.

N showing he can keep up.


  1. Congratulations! I can only imagine how exciting this is for your family and how thrilled you must be! You might recall our dd had speech problems for years and it's SO REWARDING to look back and see progress! Way to be patient!

  2. OH and one more thing. GOOD JOB on the scrapbooking! I like to glance at your # of pages completed total in the side bar! FUN FUN!

  3. Awesome, awesome. I have a dd who has some very magnified fears, and it's such a great feeling to see them overcome.


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