Monday, April 23, 2007

Typical School Day

N is our middle son. The inquisitive six year old. He loves school - most of the time. One conversation we had the other day went like this:

N - "Mom, how old do you have to be to go to first grade?"

M -"Six."

N - "Then I'm in first grade!!!"

M - "No, you're still in kindergarten. You have to finish this year. In the fall you'll be in first grade."

N - "But I'm six now!"

Hmmm....I think I finally was able to explain "school years" to him, but this boy is so excited to be six!

We've been working through the Rod & Staff preschool workbooks this year. I let him work until he wants to stop which is usually at least 4-5 pages. It's a lot of coloring, cutting, & pasting. I like them & I think he does too. We've even started learning how to read recently using Alpha-Phonics. He's taking off on this as well.


  1. Our little guy who is only going to turn 4 in June thinks he wants to graduate with his older sister this year! TOO FUNNY! They are so cute at these young ages.

  2. Hey those Rod and Staff workbooks look familiar. Hannah is on the "D" book right now and LOVING the many cut-and-paste crafts

  3. Love the pen behind the ear! For some reason, my RSS feeder didn't pick up an updates from you so I'm playing catch up. I thought maybe you had just been behind...guess it was ME!


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