Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hiking Season Begins

My hubby is a very avid hiker. When we moved back to his home town a few years ago he had to put his hobby on hold. In fact last year was the first time he missed his annual Memorial Day Weekend hike. He had done that one for the previous ten years.

Today he & a bunch of friends headed for a local mountain. The entire group who went is pictured below. Our oldest son loves hiking with dad & this was the first time he also took our middle son on a hike of this nature. They both held up very well.

N did a great job on the hike. Here he is sliding down a rock instead of trying to walk it. This was also the first time Annie, the dog, went. She did well also. Of course, Maine is one of the only places where you can hike in May & need a winter hat & mittens.

My hubby. He was attempting to get a shot of one son & a friend on the rock behind him. I like the photo as is anyway. :-)

Snack time. I like how Annie is eyeing the cracker. LOL

Apparently THIS is what makes it all worth it in the end - the view.......


  1. It's such a blessing that Annie seems to have fit just perfectly into your family! What a joy that she can come along on hikes!

    (I don't share on SHS that my dog is such an embarrassing spaz out in public. The WORST is when I take him to the vet or groomer--because dh is a manager for Petsmart, we go there, and I try not to let anyone see me. My dog's NOT a testament to the dog obedience classes--which we could take for free and never have! On the plus side, he's a slug at home, it's only out in public that he's so awful!)


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