Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Walk Through the Woods

My sister came up for a visit today. We are both working on getting in shape, loosing weight, and all that sort of stuff. Since I live on 100+ acres with all kinds of nice logging roads through it, we decided to take the boys on a walk through the woods to see what we could see.

The first thing we saw was a small garden snake. A bit further up the path, we came across a larger one. My sister (hats off to her on this one!) offered to catch it for the boys so they could all touch it. Apparently she did this a lot as a kid. I was five years younger & have no knowledge of this &, while I don't mind snakes per se, I'm not about to willing grab one by its tail. I know, sad isn't it, but I do have my limits!

I have three boys & my sister has one. They are all close in age. My middle son turned six in April & my nephew turned five in February. They generally enjoy each other's company & have a lot in common - most notable trains. ::grin:: It sometimes makes for interesting arguments though when we have the six year old, five year old, & three and a half year old all together. We try to get together weekly.

I have to share this sequence of photos. We're simply trying to get a nice photo of the three of them together.....

Attempt #1......

Attempt #2

Attempt #3 - success!!!!

This hollowed out tree stump was up back somewhere. The kids were all small enough to get inside so we had them try for a photo op - I think they had fun! The top part of the tree had fallen down & it was HUGE. They all took turns walking on it.


  1. How fun! Way to go Beth. It is always nice to have someone who is willing to handle the less desirable creatures.

  2. YIKES! I wouldn't grab the snake either (LOL).

    As soon as school is out I plan to concentrate on scrapbooking and getting in a nice long walk everyday.


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