Saturday, May 12, 2007


This is my in-laws dog. He lives right next door. He was an anniversary/birthday present for them last September. They had lost their previous dog the year before. All of the kids chipped in & got him as a gift. While my FIL wasn't completely happy about that at first (my MIL as thrilled!!!), he has certainly come around since then.

Scout is a happy puppy. Although he's as big as our dog who is three, he still has some growing to do. Thankfully he & Annie get along very well. She told him who was boss (HER!) the day after she arrived. He doesn't seem to mind.

We have a right away to the lake. It's about a mile walk from the house. Not too bad. My MIL & the boys & I, along with Scout, went down there today to play. My MIL had brought Scout down there the day before. She said he was sticking his entire head in to the water to find the rocks she was throwing. I was hoping he'd do it for me as well, but he didn't. It was still a riot to watch him running through the water. He hasn't figured out how to swim yet, so if we threw the rocks or sticks too far out, he wouldn't go after them.

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