Friday, June 1, 2007

Potty Training - Day #3

Yesterday I was tired & irritable so I didn't want to deal with a cranky three year old who doesn't want to wear anything but Pull-Ups. He was in his undies briefly in the AM, but I left him in his Pull-Ups for the rest of the day. Today was a different story. I'm well rested & ready to continue the battle of wills.

Linda, you had asked in comments if I was training him to stand up first. Well, not exactly - it just sort of happened that way the first time. :-)

Today we were on Day #3. He sat in the living room - on his little potty - off & on for almost 1-1/2 hours. He'd get up, say he had to go, sit for 10 minutes or so, get up, etc. & so on. I finally just stripped him. THAT went over well - NOPE! He was running around in his T-shirt bawling that he wanted to be dressed! Slightly comical - now....

He sat down once again. I knew he had to go & since he was seriously crying about not having any pants on, I figured this was IT. I made sure all appropriate parts where pointing DOWN (LOL) & I have to tell you - I SO wish I could have captured his face on camera. ROFL!!!! The sheer look of surprise that came across his face was SO comical that I did laugh but then, so did he - after he was all done. So proud. He got a high 5 & a cookie. Good day for a three year old. :-)


  1. Since my first trained easily right before turning 3, I waited with my second. He wasn't so thrilled. I could get him to go potty, but for anything else (!), he'd insist on changing into a pullup and going into his room and closing his door. Sigh!

    It seemed to go on for EVER!


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