Saturday, June 2, 2007

That's What You Do After You Go to the ER...

While my MIL & I were driving down to the Tour de Cure on Saturday, I received the following call from my hubby:

Me: "Hi."
Hubby: "Hi. How are you?"
Me: "Fine. Why are you calling me on your cell phone?" (okay - he was calling his MOM but she was driving so I answered)
Hubby: "I'm at McDonald's with N."
Me: "Where are the other boys??"
Hubby: "Home with my Dad."
Me: "WHY??" (His dad doesn't normally just watch the boys for any reason! LOL)
Hubby: "Well, that's the sort of thing you do after you've been to the ER." (WHAT?!?!?!?!?!)
Me: "WHAT?!?!?! What happened??"

My hubby was mowing the lawn. N was about 30 feet away & running toward the trailer. He glanced over his shoulder at his dad & just then a rock kicked up & hit in the face - just below his eye! My hubby saw him grab his face so he stopped. He asked him if he was okay. N said, "I think so" & took his hands down. He was covered in blood. My hubby jumped up & grabbed him. He ran for his parents house as he was closer. The back door was locked. (Don't ask me, his dad is positive that someday someone will hike over the back 40 just to rob him.) He grunted & started to spin around to run to our house (100 feet away). His dad must have been close & heard him. He opened the door - asked what was wrong. My hubby had N pulled up against this shoulder - he let him down a bit so he rolled forward & Dad saw what was wrong. They took him in to the shower & hosed him down with cold water since at this point they had no clue where he was bleeding from other than his face. This "hurt" more for N than the cut - it was a COLD shower!

They saw where it was & headed over to the trailer to change (N had gotten striped in the shower since they wanted to make sure he had no other injuries) & head to the ER. As my hubby is changing out N's car seat from the truck he spins & hits his head on one of the posts for the carport. He sees stars. This is the man prone to headaches & now he has one & has to drive 30 mins to the ER. Oh & in the meantime he actually calls our PCP to ask what to do! She told him to take him to the ER. :-)

Anyway, they manage to get there fine. Our PCP had called ahead & they were ready for him & took him right in pretty much. My hubby said that N charmed everyone. No stitches. Just a Band-Aid & some ointment for it. He'll probably have a small scar but nothing big.

I told my hubby that this stuff NEVER happens when I have the boys!!!!! :-) Thankfully they are all okay as it could have been MUCH worse. The cut was rather close to his eye.

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  1. Whew that was exciting. Glad he wasn't hurt worse.


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