Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ladies Day Out

If you ever want to have a good time shopping, I highly recommend going to Kittery. The outlets there are really great. We often go there once or twice a year. Today it was only the ladies that went. We are the ones who end up at more than just Kittery Trading Post. My hubby & his dad spend the entire day in that one store. While a few hours is doable, six or more is just nuts - at least I think so.

Today we started out at Yummies. An entire store with only candy in it. How cool is that?!? Then we went to When Pigs Fly which - oddly enough - is a homemade bread store. Again - very yummy!!! Free samples. Love that. They even had chocolate bread. I know, it sounds odd doesn't it? It was very good. Very moist & we were told it made good ice cream sandwiches. I also tried a lemonade, blueberry & raspberry bread. That was really good too!

We're waiting outside of Old Navy for some of the other group to come out. Notice my MIL with the map? We're trying to figure out where to go next. My hubby's aunt (yes, she's mine too) is sitting next to her.

Here is my SIL showing off the new PJ's she bought at Old Navy to us. Our friend is looking on giving approval. The rule is - you have to show us what you buy! ::grin::

Here's half of our group at lunch time. It was VERY yummy!!!!

We did a few other regular stores - Old Navy & the like. We also had lunch at our favorite place - Bob's Seafood. Soon after this we headed north & stopped in Freeport. We went to Bath & Body Works & L.L. Bean - you can't stop in Freeport without going to L.L. Bean!

My MIL is in the market for a new bike. My FIL has offered to buy her a new one for her birthday next month. We checked them out in Kittery & in Freeport. There are some really nice ones in both spots. Be sure to look at my 365 blog to see the photo of what was outside L.L. Bean today.


  1. oooooh! I used to LOVE going to Kittery - even just to window shop! But my absolute favorite place to eat was up on Rt. 1 (or maybe 1A?), by one of the inlets - a place called Bosn's Landing...they had the BEST lazyman's lobster there. Don't know if the place is still open, though....

  2. Ooh, the lemonade, etc. bread sounds yummy!

    Sounds like a great shopping day!

  3. Love those kind of days . . .shopping and food . . now that's my kind of day!

  4. LOL.. those are some interesting store names... pigs fly and yummies! Sounds like they are cool places to shop.


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