Friday, July 20, 2007

My Fridge

Kristine, this is for you..........

When I saw the photo of your pristine looking fridge, I just KNEW I had to post a photo of mine. This drives my hubby bonkers. I enjoy it. If I get a photo in a Christmas card, up it goes until next year when I redo it. My grocer list is here. The frame is actually a Creative Memories Fridge Frame in order to have layouts up on your fridge (made originally for their calendar pages). When I first had it up there, I did have a layout in it. Now it just "frames" more photos.

Just so you realize, the mess extends to the dishwasher too...

They are magnetic sign language magnets. These even aren't all of them. While most of them do stay here, I have swept up quite a few in the last years.


  1. Ah, now that's more like it. If you picture your fridge in white, you have mine.LOL

    Congrats on the pump! What a blessing for you!

  2. LOL, great entry, Lisa! I was amazed at Kristine's frig and the determination it must take to keep those photos off the front.

    Dito on the insulin pump. That will be so great for you!

  3. I love seeing all the fun things people put on their fridges. I hang stuff all over mine, too. =)

  4. Actually, we've had a naked fridge for at least five years. I've said that dh and I are "weird" about things (translation: anal retentive). I have a small bulletin board up for my kids' current art projects, along with a couple of Christmas cards with photos from GOOD friends/family. (If they aren't that close, they don't stick around for a year, lol!) I am quite sure that dh will DIE if I want to put that bulletin board up in the new house though.

    Now the dishwasher thing: doesn't the dishwasher get scratched up by the letters?

  5. The magnets on the dishwasher don't scratch. They DO make it difficult to give it a good wipe-down though! :-)

  6. We too have a "naked fridge" like Kristine has. We didn't realize once we bought our stainless steel fridge that the front would not be magnetic . . so nothing is on the front.


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