Monday, July 2, 2007

A Long Week

As many of you know from my previous post, I spent all of last week babysitting my nephew. He's 5 & only 10 months younger than my middle son. My sister & I only live about an hour apart - we both wish it were closer - but for now it works.

Can you say t-i-r-e-d!!! This was on the way down on Wednesday. And yes, that is DIRT on their faces. Why do they feel they need to lay down in the sandbox to play??

I spent from Wednesday afternoon until Friday night at her house watching my nephew & her three dogs plus my brother's dog (he was out on the road working). It was very hot & humid here on Wednesday & Thursday. I decided a cooler activity was really necessary for Thursday so I took them to the movies. We went to a matinee & saw the only potentially kid-friendly movie out there at that point - Shrek The Third. They all loved it.

B is all about the popcorn at the theater. He is so set for the movie to start.

What a grin!!!

My nephew was also all about the popcorn, but I made him share with me. LOL

N wanted a drink - that is a SMALL he is holding. Pink lemonade - a total treat. He partook of the large bag of M&M's that we all shared. All about the sharing today!

N didn't remember seeing a movie at the theater before. I'm pretty sure we've taken him but I can't remember either. J has never been. I was a bit leery of how they would all behave, but it worked out really well. Evan Almighty seemed to be the more popular choice so it was only the five of us and one other family of two adults and one child. For a bit I thought we would be the only ones in there.

Halfway through the movie, J even climbed in to my lap & promptly fell asleep. The theater we went to has wonderful seats that recline back & its stadium seating to everyone has a great view of the screen. The only funny part was that the three younger boys were so light that they seats kept folding up on them! They eventually figured it out, but J had the hardest time. Of course, he solved that by sitting in my lap.

B loves going to the movies & I think the rest of them had a good time as well. I know I did! It was a great break from the week & helped me get through the rest of that day.

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  1. I can hardly stay awake during movies (LOL)! I would have been the one falling asleep. Great idea for a place to get in out of the heat... most theaters I've been too are usually COLD!


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