Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Busy Weekend

Sunday found us heading to the southern part of the state for my hubby's work. Every summer they do an outing. Typically it has been on a boat in to Casco Bay for dinner & drinks. This summer went to a resort on Sebago Lake & had a great time. Dinner always includes lobster - if you like them - I don't. ::grin:: Yes, I know, I live in Maine & I don't eat lobster. Don't worry - that's all the more for the rest of you who do! They always include a "land" version (steak or chicken typically) & that satisfies me just fine.

Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate very well but thankfully we were able to move the party - um, picnic - inside. We spent about an hour playing pool. Well, I just watched during that part & chatted with some of the folks there. Then we had a fabulous lunch. The cornbread was delicious!!!

After lunch we headed outside as the rain had stopped. The majority wanted to play volleyball so that's what we did. The sand was hard & sharp. It had been raining most of the day & it was pretty compacted. We all roughed up the patches we were in & it made it nicer to stand on. Unfortunately, I did fall at one point. No, I wasn't diving! Now one leg looks like major road rash. It still hurts a day later. We were crazy enough to keep playing even when the rain started again. We finally called it after 1-1/2 games. We were all soaked through. Actually the rain wasn't what stopped us - it was the thunder & lightening.

We finished up with more pool & then called it a day. It was a really good time.

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