Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And so it continues...

Monday morning continued on with the busy-ness of the weekend. I had signed my two older boys up for swim lessons at the lake. I'm actually very excited about it. We've lived here about 3-1/2 years & I've been trying to find more outlets for them like this that were free or low cost. The lessons were just restarted this year (my hubby took them when he was a kid) & it's through our local recreation "department" (I say it like this because we are SUCH a small town that it's actually one VERY organized mom!). The cost was great - $5 a child for residents - and the time worked too. We are going to the 10am slot. It's an hour long lesson & it's for two weeks. By the time the boys are done with their lesson we just head home (10 minutes away) to have lunch & then J can go down for his nap. So far so good. Here are some photos from today's time.

I'm thrilled with how good these photos came out. They take the kids out at least 200 yards from where I am sitting on the beach with J. I had my zoom all the way out on my digital camera - including the optical zoom (or is it the digital zoom) & the photos came out really clear. I'm pretty happy with that. My boys are the ones with the farmer tans & all their ribs showing. I feed them - honestly!

Can he GET any cuter than this????

After lunch my sister & her hubby arrived. They had called a week or so ago & volunteered to take our boys for us overnight. My hubby & I are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. We talked about it & decided to take them up on it. My hubby even took the day off & had Monday off as well so he had a nice long weekend & we were able to plan for some extended time together.


  1. No swim lessons for J? I tried to get Scotty in for a 2nd session (two weeks, 35 minutes each day) but they had no space. I did get Hannah back in for round 2...she absolutely ADORED her lessons the first round, and can't wait to learn more. That's my girl. Those pictures came out awesome!

  2. Nope, J is too little for the program. It's only for school-aged kids. If he were about 4, I could have probably got him in & may try next summer, but they wanted K & up.


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