Friday, August 3, 2007


All of our children have had a couple of quirks in their sleeping habits. Our oldest son didn't sleep in a bed for about a year once. We had just moved to a very large home after living in a trailer. He managed to sleep in his room for about the first month. However, half-way through each night he'd wake up, I'd climb upstairs to get him & then we'd sleep in the guest bed for the rest of the night. One night he woke earlier than usual, I was still awake, so I put him on the couch. There he slept for the rest of the time we lived there. We'd put him in our bed if we wanted to watch TV & then move him. Odd, but I was getting sleep so I didn't care! :-)

Our next child would just go plop himself on the couch if he woke in the night. He wouldn't come get me or anything. I'd just find him on the couch in the morning all cuddled under a blanket. I got smart & started leaving one for him. Now he tends to sleep longer & more often in his own bed. This is also my morning child who pops up wide awake & raring to go at - oh - 5:00 or so. God certainly has a sense of humor since I just look at my son through sleep deprived eyes going "WHAT time is it??" I used to climb in our recliner with him when he was a toddler, put on a LONG Blue's Clues DVD very low & go back to sleep while he would sit (quietly too!!) & learn whatever Steve & Blue had to teach.

Now we have another boy. Typically he also gets up around 5-5:30 in the morning but the blessed child just comes & climbs in to bed with me - blankies, stuffie & all. This allows me at least some "closed eye" time to really wake up since I really can't sleep when I become a human sandwich - hubby - the heat furnace - sleeping on one side & the 36 pound toddler generating more heat in my arms on the other side. Phew!

Over the last few weeks though I keep going in to check on the boys before I go to bed to find said 3 year old sound asleep on the floor right beside his bed. I put him back in & he's good to go. However, on this particular night this is what I found...

We live in a trailer & I have hung up some blankets in the hallways to help the AC run more effectively to cool the living room/kitchen area. The blanket was down as we had the AC going. The kids had been in bed (or so I had thought) for hours. My hubby & I were getting ready for bed so I went to check on the boys. When I pulled back the blanket to go down the hall, this is what I saw. He brought out his pillow, blankie, stuffie & even his sippy cup of water (I don't typically give him a sippy cup at bedtime but it was a VERY hot & humid night). I was actually able to pick him up with the pillow & Thomas blanket & put him to bed without him waking up. I love this kid.


  1. This is so cute, Lisa! What a guy. I don't feel so badly now about the strange sleeping habits in this house!

  2. How sweet.

    Ours slept in our bed until they asked for one of their own at almost four years old (each at the same age.) And then neither of them ever woke or got up or anything. I've lways been grateful for no bedtime problems.

    It sounds like you have a good system going too.

  3. We have a few odd sleep issues here as well (LOL).... mostly regarding the actual "time" for bedtime (LOL).... I'm not the only nightowl here.


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