Thursday, August 2, 2007

Scrapbooking Challenge: Completed!

I'm going to just admit to finishing this up a few days late. I did have most of it done in the month of July, but I called it complete today. Click here to see the before photos.

And now a drum roll please...............AFTER!

I moved a lot of collectible stuff that was really just collecting dust off that blue shelf & now all the boxes of my negatives are up there. I don't need to get at them & this will give me some time to decide what I'm going to do with them. I threw out a ton years ago so I'm not opposed to that, but I need to go through this most recent batch & decide what is kept & what isn't.

I didn't complete everything I wanted to do for this organizing challenge either. I did do all of the visible stuff, but I wanted to sort out the drawers as well. There are two dressers here. The darker one holds my clothes. The lighter one with green around it holds only scrapbooking stuff. I need to go through & pull stuff I'm not going to use. I've done this before as well & it was a huge undertaking, but it's time to simplify once more.


  1. I'm impressed. Great job!

  2. WAY TO GO! Ok... the next challenge will to be to organize something else... especially for those of us who had LARGE areas to organize... first the big stuff then the detail stuff... see I haven't even posted yet that I finished because I think (just for me now.. not for anyone else) that in order for my room to be done every last picture needs to be in choronological order... maybe I better finish out that challenge and start up the next one! Thanks for getting me thinking about this!


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