Monday, August 20, 2007

My Boys

I think my boys are pretty photogenic. I take a lot of photos of them so they know if they just cooperate & smile, I'll leave them alone faster. Most are just candids & I try not to make them pose too much. Otherwise stuff like this happens:

But today was a perfect day for posed shots. It was sunny out. It was cool enough for pants but warm enough for t-shirts. They were all relatively clean since we had just got back from camp & I had bathed them all the night before - well except for the one who is just about as tall as I am! - he was on his own for that. I also realized that the portairts on my wall are very outdated. My youngest is only about 18 months in that photo. Definintely time for updates! I also wanted to see how they would come out digital versus film. I'm posting the digital ones now. I'll let you know how they compare to the film ones once I get them developed.


  1. I only wish it were cool enough for pants right now...ugh. We had a high of 102 yesterday (heat index was at 109!), and today they're predicting 99....sigh.

  2. And they *are* very photogenic!

  3. GReat photos! I loved checking out all the vacation photos too - thanks for posting them.

    BTW - I gave you a nice award on my blog but I don't know that I ever told you that. LOL

  4. My kids often grimace now when the camera comes out. But I've taken to carrying it with me at all times . . .

  5. FUN pictures! I *love* taking outdoor shots so I don't have to worry about light!


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