Monday, August 20, 2007


My family & I just got back from an extended weekend at the family camp in northern Maine. It's a great place to see wildlife. It's a 2-1/2 drive from where we live. The last hour is on dirt logging roads. It's a given you are going to see some wildlife.

I took 130+ photos over the course of three day. I was able to capture a lot of wildlife photos. Some aren't the best, but still enjoyable IMHO. Since I was able to get a lot of the wildlife we saw, I'm going to do a post just for them. Enjoy.
We surprised this moose as we were going down the road. I took the photo through the windshield of the truck while we were sort of moving - hubby stopped when I said "NOW!" LOL There is a glare but it was still cool to watch the moose gallop off.
This mama loon & her six babies were nesting nearby. We heard them a lot plus this was the first but not the last time we saw them. They swam by the camp Friday night, Saturday morning & again Saturday night. She did a great job keeping them bunched together but I was glad I was able to get this shot so you can see how many babies there are! :-)
This was our most exciting spot I think. This is two beavers swimming by. They were out far & swam fast. My camera zoom didn't do this justice. They came on shore about 100 feet south of where we were. We didn't hear any trees fall - much to B's disappointment - but it was still fun! I saw a single one swim by Saturday AM very early while I was sitting on the porch cuddling J at a very early hour. I saw the sunrise two days in a row. I am SO not a morning person! :-)
Okay, this isn't technically a "wild" animal, but our dog, Annie, had a fabulous time at camp! In fact, the first thing she did - literally - was jump in the lake. Unfortunately, she still had her pack on so she dunked all her food & the ears of corn we made her carry. Her food was pretty soggy but we drained it & she didn't seem to mind it. She spent about 90% of her time in the lake chasing rocks or just standing there. In fact, by the time we left on Sunday morning her two front paws were getting bloody from all the sharp rocks. She was definitely in her element though!
This is some sort of raptor. Hawk? Eagle? Not sure & we couldn't get a close enough look to verify. It was big though. We saw it fly off & then saw it perched on this tree. It was screaming at us & I did get a photo of it doing that. We were about 1/4 mile away. This was on our last day there. My hubby drove us around the logging roads he hunts in the fall on a guided tour.


  1. Lisa, what a fun trip you all had. The photos are just beautiful! What a nice place.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The pictures are awesome. It definitely shows the Northern Maine wilderness. If you don't mind telling, where in Northern Maine were you? It looks quite familiar to me as I live in Northern Maine.

  3. Lisa, great wildlife shots! I'm just too slow to get anything like this! We've seen cool birds, turkeys, deer, hummingbirds so far, but it will be a great day when I can actually capture one on camera.

    Your pic of the beavers made me think of Nessie, lol.

  4. WOW. That sounds like some kind of camp.. an hour back on a dirt road... That must be "roughing" it (LOL)! Nice animal pics. Glad your dog had a great time at camp >VBG>!


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