Friday, August 24, 2007

My Day

Well, after yesterday's post about all the Yahoo groups I belong to, I felt it necessary to, shall we say, vindicate myself. So here is a list of what I did no particular order.

  • Slept in a bit later. I am blushing as I admit to staying up past midnight to watch High School Musical 2 on the Disney West Channel. It had been on earlier but I missed it. It started to rain about midnight so our satellite cut out (never works in a heavy rain or snow) so I went to bed. Thus I was tired this morning.
  • Phone rang at 8am propelling me off the couch. It was the chiropractor's office my mom works for telling me the doc was cancelling afternoon appointments & asking if I wanted a morning one. Um, nope - see you next week instead!
  • Had my breakfast around 8:30. Finished a book.
  • Got dressed - decided to skip a shower today.
  • Headed in to the post office (15 minute drive) to drop off a bunch of books I've sold (yeah!)
  • Went to the small corner store (AG Grocery) & bought some flour so I can do some baking today, a much needed caffeinated soda & the paper. Came to exactly $6 which is exactly what I had in my wallet.
  • Headed home with the boys & I even brought Annie with us (our dog).
  • Saw a friend beating feet up the road on the way home so stopped for a quick chat.
  • Came in & cleaned up the kitchen area - sent the kids off to play & started baking.
  • I made a Blueberry Buckle Coffee Cake, Congo Bars, pizza dough for tonight & boiled potatoes for potato salad. We're going to a friend's tomorrow for lunch & all but the pizza dough was made for that.
  • Did three loads of laundry (wash, dry, & folded - still need to put away though)
  • Vacuumed the kitchen (easier to get everything up that way)
  • Washed the bad spots in the kitchen ::grin::
  • Cleaned up the bathroom floor. We have a resident mouse who prefers it in there.
  • Washed the bathroom rugs
  • THEN I got on the PC & played for awhile - until it was time to make pizza tonight.

Okay, now I'm tired & back on the PC. Hmmmm, maybe I am an addict after all? Naahh!!!!


  1. Great day, Lisa! You got a lot done! Super, super, super.

  2. Wow!! What a busy day! I do love days when I accomplish alot! I am also catching up on blogs today . .

  3. Ok.. that sounds like a LOT of work. What in the world are blueberry buckle bars and congo bars? They sound YUMMY! Do share recipes and pics when you have a minute!


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