Friday, August 24, 2007

My First Blog Award

I'm horribly behind in reading my friends blogs (yes, most are cyber-friends) and one had to tell me in the comment section today that she had award me a blog award. Thanks, De'Etta! She gave me the "Nice Matters Award."

"This award is for those bloggers who are nice people, good blog friends, and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also, for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to seven others who you feel are deserving of this award. "

So, in no particular order, here are my seven choices.

  • Kristine at Jewel's of My Own. She is very upbeat & positive, even in the midst of a cross-country move. She always has great advice. She's someone I would love to sit down with sometime & have a chat. Now that she's on the east coast, the odds of that happening have increased slightly. :-)
  • I have to include Deb from Following the Narrow Path. This is one of my IRL friends. She's awesome. I can IM her anytime & get a quick boost. She's a wonderful encourager & a fabulous friend. I'm truly blessed to have met her & have her in my life.
  • I'm also going to add Bessie, Deb's daughter at Musical Mermaid (aka Musical Bookworm during the school year). However, I'm not going to post her link since she's only 14 & I'm pretty sure her blog is private. Anyway, Bessie is an awesome Christian girl. I always have fun talking with her. I can only wish I have children that grow to the love the Lord like she does.
  • I have a cyber-friend, Sheri, I'll nominate next at The Carneal Chronicle. I met her through a scrapbooking group we used to be in together. Her middle child was due the same time as my youngest. In fact, if I remember right, they are only one week apart. Sheri has great insight & I enjoy chatting with her.
  • Next is my cyber-pal, Linda at the MacDonald Clan whom I have met in real life! She grew up in Maine. She's a military wife. She came to Maine a few years ago for a few months in between moves. Oh & her oldest child has the exact same birthday as my middle child. Her youngest son is slightly younger than my younger son. Too funny & so is Linda. :-)
  • Cynthia at Life is Good gets my next award. She's another one of my cyber-friends. She reads all my posts at my blog & always leaves a comment. She's someone I'd love to meet someday IRL. So, Cynthia, please make a road trip east some time soon, okay?
  • Okay, my last one is going to go to Ginger at Just Horsin' Around. She definitely falls in the nice category. She's a die-hard scrapbooker. I'm loving the layouts she has been sharing lately. She's even in the process of building a new house that will have a dedicated scrapbooking room. How cool is that!

So thanks, De'Etta, for awarding my first blog award. I'm honored! :-)


  1. Wow...this is MY first blog award too! I'm going to post it tomorrow and share the wealth with some other "Nice Matters" blogs...AND reading the blogs you mentioned (that I don't already read, since I read Deb's, Sheri's, De'Etta's...I didn't know that Bessie had a blog - I'll have to get Deb to share that - I love reading about Bessie at Deb's!)

    Thanks for thinking of me, and I can't imagine getting a better first blog award!

  2. Awww, shucks, Lisa, you say the nicest things! Thanks!

    Bessie will be thrilled. I can't wait to show her tomorrow.

  3. How exciting! Well done!

  4. Oh, Lisa, thank you for thinking of me! I'm so grateful for all of my blogging buddies and SHS friends. THAT'S the extent of my own social life, lol!

    And who knows, maybe we'll add each other to our list of SHSers that we've met in person!

  5. :::gasp::: I've never won anything before! I'm so honored! I'm behind in my blog reading and behind-er in my blog updating, so I'll be thinking about who to pass on this award to!

  6. Lisa,
    WOW. Thanks for the award! I'll have to take a few minutes right now to go upload it to my blog!

    I'm actually planning another trip back east for sometime next spring. Our co-op thinks we need to go as a group and somehow or another I found myself organizing it ::::: wink::::::... can't imagine how THAT happened!

    I already know that you and Debbie must be sort of close to each other, right? So... with some planning ahead I hope to be able to visit both of you and even Karen in VT!

  7. Lisa,
    WOW! Thanks for the award. I think I'll have to stay up tonight and put that on my blog right away! I haven't had much time for blogging lately.

    I am actually planning another trip back east for next spring. With some planning ahead I hope to meet you and Debbie and Karen in VT as well as any others that are near y'all. I think you and Debbie are pretty close to each other aren't you? I'm assuming so since I've seen you both with pictures of the other on your blog from a trip this summer.

    Thanks again for the award!

  8. You are welcome. I don't think I remembered to tell everyone that I awarded - ah well. I tried. LOL I'm glad you had fun with it.


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