Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Play Time

Of course, once you open all the presents, you have to play with them right? My boys have an honorary uncle, Uncle Tom. Tom went to college with my hubby & I. He always remembers the boys birthdays & shows up when he can to bring them gifts.

The cool rocket that B opened was from "Uncle" Tom. He also brought some little tractors & toys for N & J. They all laid out on my in-laws deck & played - including Uncle Tom.

Then B convinced Uncle Tom to put together the rocket. It took them a little bit but they worked & finally got it all set. Then the fun started....


  1. We used to do rockets a lot. Now our little boys are bigger and don't do much with them - but our younger boys are just starting to enter the rocket Mike and Nolan have been attempting to put a rocket together....maybe soon. LOL

  2. WHAT a blessing that the boys have another male in their lives that takes a true interest in them! Great pics of B and Uncle Tom.

  3. I still can't believe that pic with the rocket taking off. That thing took off like, well, a rocket! :) The window of opportunity for a shutter was a nanosecond... how you pulled that off with a digital camera is beyond me. Great job, sweetness revealed!

  4. What a "blast."! (LOL)! FUN FUN!


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