Thursday, August 30, 2007

Present Time, Present Time, Open a Present & See What's Inside!

Any of you who have young children, should recognize that title. ::grin::

Sunday afternoon we had cake, ice-cream, and, of course, presents. It was a looonnngg wait for the birthday boy. Here he is trying to be as patient as he can be...

Grammy is an awesome cake-baker/maker & is always up for making cakes for the boys birthdays. We were going to go with a dragon shaped cake (it was in Family Fun), but at the last minute B decided he wanted a Lego shaped one instead.

Then he started in opening the presents.


  1. Birthdays are sooooo much fun! Congrats, anothe year well lived.

  2. No, I don't recognize the title!

    I'm impressed that your ds could wait until Sunday AFTERnoon! My ds went to bed early the night before, hoping he could make his bday come sooner. For some reason, mine are ready to open presents FIRST thing in the morning. And he woke us up to ask if it was time. -Eyes rolling!-

  3. Of course the presents are the best part! I wonder if everyone else's kids also insist on opening mom and dad's presents? I never get to open my own presents anymore (LOL).


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