Monday, September 17, 2007

And a New Year Begins

I took the plunge & started school last week - finally! I kept saying I wanted to start during a full week of school. That just wasn't going to happen. I started last Wednesday & just did an hour each day - just enough to get our feet wet so to speak. Today was our first "official" day - not really as I did count the three days from last week, but we started on our regular schedule with all of our subjects. It went very well & didn't take me as long as I had thought it would either. Of course, instead of being reassuring, it has me worried I'm not doing enough! Does the madness never end?? ::grin::

On a good note, B seemed to do okay with CQLA - our new language art program. Of course, it IS only the first day. He didn't balk at the copywork & it's the longest piece I've ever had him do. I thought that a very good thing.

N's energy seemed to flag a bit near the end, but that may be because I forced him to stay & listen through our history reading. ::grin:: Then when I was done I realized I did the reading I had planned for today AND tomorrow. Hmmm, I may have to go back & revisit the lesson plans again.

It was a good day & fall is fast approaching so I did sneak in a nature scavenger hunt for all three boys later on in the afternoon. I need to give them a longer list next time but even J had a good time.

I ended the day by getting together some listings for eBay. Phew! I love the end result of eBay but I really dislike the listing process. Today seemed to go better though. I did all my photos & after I took each photo, I did up a description in Word. Then I could just upload the photos & copy & paste the description. It went much faster - well the actually on-line time did. I have a few more to do tomorrow. Then I get to reap the benefits - hopefully! Oh & if anyone else gets the urge to do eBay - now is the month. All insertions fees (for items started at $9.99 or less) are free this month. I still paid for gallery photos & extra photos, but the initial insertion fee was waived.


  1. Which level of CQLA are you doing with B? I'm on level c, I really like it except when you have to re-write an essay 3-4 times.

  2. While we've been doing school (somewhat) regularly for the past few weeks, I still can't get started "on time." Trevor also has had much longer copywork assignments, yet hasn't complained one bit and is doing really well with them!


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