Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Fun Day

It was a busy but fun day today. I had two doctor's appointments which kept us out of the house from about 9:15 this morning until 5pm this evening.

My first appointment of the day was with the eye doctor. Thankfully they run pretty close to schedule & the boys were relatively good while there. I brought "emergency rations" (i.e. lollipops) which helped to keep them busy for part of it.

The fun part of this visit:

I was taking the eye exam & all my guys are sitting close to the eye chart. I say the line - or at least what I thought the line said - and my three year old pipes up, "No, Mommy it's n-p-q-s-" etc. & so on. ::sigh:: It's bad enough thinking like I'm taking a test I'll probably "fail" to have him pipe up. LOL

We were out of there very early - much earlier than I had anticipated. I needed to kill about 45 minutes before I headed out to the next stop (more on that later). I decided to take the boys to the local recreation center which has a great playground. I knew they had redone it, but I hadn't actually been there. My MIL had taken the boys but I was quite impressed with how nice it was now. It had been an old wooden structure. The boys had SUCH a great time.

The fun part of this visit:

I played! ::big grin:: For the first time in a long time, I played with my kids. While I still found time to take 25 photos (love that digital!), I also slid down the slide ::gasp::, played on the swings, chased the little ones, and just had fun. It was fun. Some of the photos of the day.

The next part of our day is in the post above this one. Be sure to read "A Little Piece of History" for all the details.

Finally I headed to my sister's house. My next doctor's appointment was in the next town over from her house & she will usually watch my boys for me so I can go without my "entourage." ::grin:: The unusual part of this visit, it is the first time we've gone done during the week since my nephew started school. The boys had the house & toys to themselves for almost the whole visit. I arrived back from my appointment shortly after my nephew arrived home. I did stay for about another hour.

Not so much a "fun" part of the day, but really good news. While at my endocrinologist (the 2nd appointment of the day), I found out that all of my cholesterol numbers have gotten way better in the last three months. I was worried about this as my provider there had said she was going to increase my meds unless I got this in to better alignment. Well, I succeeded & did very well if I do say so myself. The kicker for me - she said it was due to my increased exercise so it felt like I had proof that I had been trying.

On the other hand, my blood sugars still aren't where they should be so that is what I'll be focusing on now. I'm concerned since I worry about low blood sugars. I need to trust that the provider knows what she's doing & that my sugars will not go low but stay in that great normal range. We'll see how it goes.


  1. How fun your day looked! Hasn't the weather been wonderful? You are a brave woman. I would not take my guys to any appointments...at least not them all!

  2. YAY LISA! That is good news about your test resilts!

  3. GOOD news for you at the dr., Lisa!

    I'll do that every once in a while, slide or swing. And then I get that sick feeling in my stomach, lol!

  4. spending some time at the park is a GREAT way to pass some time in between appts. I need to take my youngest to the park more often! I used to take the girls when our oldest had flute lessons, but I haven't been very good at taking the boys to the park...

    It must be the time of year for appts... You probably read about my appt at the dermatologist the other day.


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