Saturday, September 22, 2007

Apple Picking

Guess where we went???

What would fall be like in Maine, if we didn't go apple picking? Last year it seemed like I was at the orchard A LOT! I went once with friends where we picked a 1/2 bushel, we went once with the kids Awana group where each boy picked a 1/2 peck & again when my brother & his family were here from California when we picked yet another 1/2 bushel. This year I knew I didn't want to be making endless batches of applesauce, so I held out. Sure enough, the kids Awana group did another excursion.

N is in the Sparks group which is for grades K-2 at our club. One of the things they need to sign off on a section is to take a Nature Hike so every fall their Director plans to do this at the apple orchard outing. This year, they planned for everyone to go on the hike, then eat lunch, & then go pick apples - together - there were some issues with this last year - can you tell?

I took about 30+ photos - got to love digital - but I promise not to post ALL of them. Here are some of my favorites...

One of the leaders did a talk before we headed out. She gave each child an apple seed & talked about how you plant it & it grows. She then talked to them about how to plant a seed for Jesus. I'm not sure some of the younger ones made the connection, but they all promptly planted their apple seeds. :-)

Many of these little salamanders were found along the trail - well, underneath rocks along the trail. These were all caught by two of the GIRLS on the walk. :-) Got to love it. Although, my oldest son decidedly they weren't so bad after all & he'd like to find one & keep it for a pet. Um, this didn't happen - at least not yet.

While I love my digital camera, the flash on it is very weak. It does not do well in low light settings outside at all. This is a photo of the director pointing out this really cool tree with a big hollow in it. This was near the end of the walk. We were on the hike for about 1-1/2 hours I think. We went slow & stopped often. We had children ranging in age from 3 up to 13 (I think). There were about 20 kids & 10 adults.

We all rode the tractor up to the top of the orchard for our lunch & to pick the apples. This was, of course, the highlight of the boys afternoon.

And yes, I made ALL the kids pose for me!!!! :-)

No, he isn't sleeping. I caught him in the midst of a blink. However, my hubby doesn't allow me many photos of him so I didn't dare ask for a retake. He liked the apple though.

J loves his apples.

N showing off his bag of apples. He was a bit possessive of them which I found funny considering he won't EAT them. He will drink apple juice, but he won't eat apples. ::sigh:: I can't seem to convince that they are the same thing. Maybe some day!

We had a great time. Now my hubby is bugging me to make him an apple pie. ugh! LOL


  1. Hmmm..we haven't done this yet this year...I usually wait until after the first frost as I think the apples are sweeter.

    Great photos.

  2. Another FUN excursion. Our boys just went to pick apples at my mom's house the other day! I hope to do some serious blog catching up this weekend now that the luau will be over and things can settle down into a "normal insane" schedule instead of a crazy insane" schedule (LOL)!

  3. I'm jealous...I miss apple picking. I did that in NY and CT a LOT. But there aren't many (if ANY) local orchards here....sigh.

    The pictures of your kids look great. J is really photogenic.

    And to be honest, I didn't think your hubby had his eyes closed due to blinking...I thought he had them closed because " delicious is THIS apple?" - he looked like he was truly enjoying that apple!!!

  4. VERY nice that your whole family (which means your dh) could join in!

  5. I am so salivating over these apples! You know I lived in Illinois for 21 years very close to a fabulous apple orchard and never went picking until about 4 years ago when the kids and I were visiting in September. That thought apple picking was far superior to strawberry and blueberry picking. In no time at all, you have a huge bunch! :-)


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