Friday, September 7, 2007

My Head Hurts

I may be one of the last homeschoolers out there who has NOT started school yet. In fact, my official start date is until the 17th due to many factors. In fact, one of those factors is that I still have to order the student books for Math-U-See for my boys. I know I can start school without them, but I really want to get a good start so I'm waiting for the math books. They should be ordered soon. That's all I have left to get. I placed an order with CBD (Christian Book Distributors) on Tuesday & received the audios that go with the history program I'm using as well as the phonics workbook for my six year old.

Click here to read about what I'm planning to use for curriculum this year.

So, why does my head hurt...I've been working on lessons plans today. AAAHHH!!!! I'm a girl who likes to check things off. I like lists. I like to know what I'm doing. I REALLY want to use all the great resources I own, but oh my! There has to be an easier way!!!

I have individual lesson plans for about the first two months written for almost everything right now. I still have fine arts to do (music & art) but I'm feeling good about most of that. Then today I decided I needed to get something going with history. That was a bit overwhelming until I took out the elementary guide & decided we were going to go SLOW with this so we can enjoy it. I'm not on a race! :-)

So why does my head hurt...I decided I needed a weekly overview schedule. I needed to see what to do each day & then I can flip to the individual plan. I'm not sure I'm liking this but I'm thinking it will be better than my typical "fly-by-my-seat" schedule of years past. I have the first two weeks done & then I quit. Did I mention my head hurts?


  1. Oh, Lisa, you are giving me a headache just reading it! I never did very well with lesson plans, although I do okay with a week plan.

    Hope you get it all worked out!

  2. Lisa,

    I hope your head is better!

    I haven't started yet either!


  3. I don't get headaches from lesson planning because I don't plan out a whole year. I think I'm doing great with one week at a time, lol! I just ordered the rest of my stuff too, last week, and it's trickling in. Perfect, because it would be hard to jump in with both feet too quickly!


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