Thursday, September 6, 2007

Park Day

We went & played at the park today with some new friends - both boys. All my guys had a lot of fun & even stopped long enough for me to get some photos.

There were two cute little child-size chairs at two corners of the play area. I was able to coral each boy there long enough to grab one shot.

This really cool tire swing was underneath the bridge connecting the two towers. It was set up to spin. N was more than willing to jump on & let me grab a quick photo.

This driving wheel was under one of the towers. J had a really good time playing with it - even after he caught his fingers once.

This little climbing wall was on the smaller tower. N had no problems scampering up to the top. J wanted to try, of course, so I helped him up a time or two.

Here's a shot of the whole area. It was small, but since we were the only ones there it wasn't bad. The kids had a great time. Jamie's boys are 8 & 4. B & her oldest hit it off & actually spent quite a bit of time talking while up at the baseball field behind the play area. We kept the little guys closer to us so they had some time to talk "guy stuff" without pesky little brothers around. N tried hard to get her youngest to play with him but he was feeling shy. N & J had a lot of fun & they were all properly tired out for the ride home.


  1. I'm sweating just seeing the boys in their sweatshirts on a sunny day...because it is STILL in the 90's here...93, to be exact....ugh. So I can't even imagine playing with a sweatshirt on....

  2. Fun day, Lisa! We enjoy going to the park also with friends. It gives all the kids something to do while we moms visit. Now that the PS kids are back in school it is time to hit the local playgrounds again.

  3. Green, green, grass...ah.


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