Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Summer Reading Challenge - All Done

I started out with grand expectations with this challenge. I had a long list of read alouds to do with my boys. Um, I didn't complete a one & ended up removing them. That's one goal I have for the fall.

My non-fiction list had only one book crossed off & I readily admit I was already half-way through that one. I have a VERY hard time reading non-fiction. I'm not sure why. I have a shelf of books sitting here that I bought a few years ago to read & I still haven't opened them. ::sigh::

However, my fiction list went very well & I even read eight extra books I didn't have on my list. I love to read. I read a lot. I sometimes feel guilty over the amount of reading I do. I read when I sit down to eat. I read at bedtime. I read during the day - especially if it's a really good book! I have always been a reader.

In fact, I still remember a time when I was out of high school & even college (I think). I was working at a home health agency as a receptionist/billing coder. We shared the lunch room with the rest of the building we had space in. One day a girl I knew from high school walked in. I didn't even know she worked in the building. I was sitting there eating my lunch & reading a book - of course. I was by myself. She said hello & commented on how I always seemed to have a book to read. I just love a good story to read. I suppose it's my way of escaping from life for a little bit & traveling the globe.


  1. I was a complete failure in my reading quest.LOL I have a hard time with nonfiction too. I guess it's just that when I read, I do it for enjoyment and nonfiction is not as much fun.LOL

    I do love reading and hope to have more time for it once Sophia is a little older.

  2. Ditto here, ladies. I think I managed three on my very long list of non-fiction, but tons of fiction! LOL

    I did really need this challenge to keep me reading, but it did help some at getting a few non-fiction books finished.

  3. I read WAY more books than I would normally have read so I'm counting the challenge a success no matter what genre I focused on. At least it got me going!


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