Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Book Review: The Negotiator by Dee Henderson

I have read one of Dee Henderson books a while ago, The Witness, which I really liked. While I was compiling my list for the Fall Reading Challenge, I decided to try some more of her books. I was glad I did. The books I chose are from her O'Malley series. In fact, I mistakenly read them out of order, but it didn't really detract from them. I should have read Danger in the Shadows first as that was the prequel to the series, but it all worked okay.

I really liked the two books I've read to this point. I have the rest of the series on order from the library. I use a state library-by-mail program since I live in such a rural part of the state. While we have two small libraries in the area I can use, they don't have a lot of books. So I request them through the state system on-line, they mail them to me free of charge, & then I have to return them. They used to provide return postage too, but thanks to state budget cuts I now have to either pay to return them or drive the 1-1/2 hours to them & return them in person. It's still worth it to me.

Back to the book...

The O'Malley series has one book for each sibling. They were all orphans at the same orphanage & joined together as a family - going so far as to all change their last name to the same one - O'Malley. The author does a great job of weaving in Biblical tidbits without bashing you over the head with it. In other words, they all felt like really, real people. I hope that comes across okay. :-)

This particular book deals with the oldest girl, Kate, who is a hostage negotiator for the police. She ends up dealing with something from her past that she never knew about it - her distant past. It was a good "who-done-it" type book with a good prospective of faith in there as well. I do like this author's style & plan to read more.

And just in case I've totally blown this review & you want to see what Amazon had to say about the book, just click here.


  1. This sounds like a GREAT series, Lisa... be sure to keep us posted as you go along in the series so I remember to add this to my wish list (LOL)!

  2. I LOVED this series! I hope you enjoy the rest of the books. :)


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