Saturday, November 17, 2007

Geography Fair

Our homeschool group just held a Geography Fair today. We typically do some sort of fair each spring. We've participated in both a science & a history fair. This year we decided to try a Geography Fair & have it in the fall. I think it went rather well.

We had 23 children participate which isn't bad out of 35+ families. We filled up the gym! Ironically enough we hold our fairs at the local elementary school. We can use the space for free & there is plenty of room to spread out.

My boys did a display together on Ireland. They had a great time doing this. We made Irish Soda Bread to hand out & we had a CD player with Irish music playing a well. Many other children had food as well & it was fun to go have a bit of a taste from each country.

The countries represented were varied. They included:

  • Prince Edward Island, Canada

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Australia (a popular choice as three children of various ages did this one)

  • China

  • Iceland

  • Belgium

  • Mississippi, USA

  • The USA

  • Cambodia

  • Japan

  • Missouri, USA

  • Florida, USA

  • Canada

  • Mexico

  • Egypt

  • Middle Earth

  • Ancient Troy

  • Pennsylvania, USA

  • Holland

Each child was given a homemade passport & flag stickers (or as best as we could find) for each country. We started the youngest children off first & they did a tour of the world in two hours. They were able to go to each booth & see what others had brought to share & sample food & pick up coloring pages & the like.

At the end each child was presented with a certificate of participation. We also had a woman there from the Maine Geographic Alliance. She left a bunch of great handouts for each child including a large world map. They were each given a large Ziploc bag full of all those goodies as well.

My middle son

My oldest son

I took over 60 photos at the fair but many are of each display & each child receiving their certificate. I also have some great group photos but I know many of the families do not want their children's photos posted on-line so you'll have to settle for just seeing my boys smiling faces.


  1. Great job boys! Looks like a fun and educational event. What a great amount of participation you had!

    We do a geo fair and a science fair most every year. This year our new co-op is hosting an all in one science/geo/art fair on January 3. I am thinking what an awful time of year, weather could be bad, getting over busy holiday season, we are still on vacation from classes that week. I don't understand their reasoning and will be surprised if there is a big turnout. Oh well!

  2. That looks awesome, Lisa--and great job, boys! (It's always good to have food, lol!)

  3. Wonderful work! Impressive.

  4. What a way to get a taste of His glorious globe! I could almost hear the music of all the countries, savor the foods, hear the children traveling about. And to have a visitor from the Geographic Alliance was such a thoughtful idea--what a memorable experience for all involved. Thank you for sharing your delight in His world with us, Lisa!
    Travel on!

  5. That's SO KEWL! Sounds like a GREAT activity.


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