Friday, December 28, 2007

Annie Girl

We received our "Love Hound" (aka Annie) this past year spring through a Freecycle group I belong to. She has fit in very well with our family & loves to be petted and loved. When she first came she tended to paw a lot when she wanted more attention. We've been able to break her of that for the most part, but she still loves her attention.

In fact, every night that my hubby is home, he will lay down on the floor with her and have some cuddle time. Now that winter is here, it's a bit chiller so we keep this old sleeping bag in the living room for really chilly nights. He was all laid out here while we were watching TV & Annie came up & just laid right down. She really flops. It's pretty funny. Hubby covered her with the blanket & they stayed like this for close to an hour. She even looked right at me for her photo op - typically she hides her face when I pull out the camera.

Her other favorite spot is right in front of the wood stove out in our addition. This wasn't a spot she would go in to when she first came last spring. She doesn't really assimilate very fast to new areas. It took her close to 3-4 months before she would venture down the hallway to the boys rooms. This year when we restarted the wood stove, we started realizing that Annie would go "missing." We'd always find her stretched out in front of the wood stove. I put an old blanket out there for her to stretch out on (when the blanket is out, that is where she'll be). I'm sure it's also a good way for her to get a break from the exuberant boys she lives with as well.


  1. Lisa, what a joy for your family this dog has been!

    (And the face hiding when she sees the camera . . . well, she surely takes after your dh!)

  2. I didn't know you got her through Freecycle. We found our dog through Hope for Homeless Pets.


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