Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Global Warming? HA!

I know that living in Maine one should expect snow. Seriously, it's a northern climate after all. Many folks love coming here in the winter season to ski, snowmobile, snowshoe, & cross-country ski as well as many other cold weather fun.

Perhaps we've been spoiled over the last few years. Last season when someone mentioned "global warming" I might have jumped on board with them. After all I could remember it being so warm around Thanksgiving that one could go without a jacket. I remember most of the last few Christmas Days being rather more green than white.

I could somewhat believe in global warming. That is, until this season.

This is a photo of my road. I live on a dirt road. To get to a tarred part of it I drive either a mile one way or three miles in the opposite direction. It's 15 minutes to the post office - which is in the next town. It's 30 minutes to the closest grocery store of any size and a Wal-Mart. Needless to say we do live in the boonies. Although, it was great to just stop my truck in the middle of the road to snap this photo. But I digress....

We got about six inches of snow yesterday. That's not really a ton, but considering it was about the fourth or fifth storm in the month of December alone, it was enough. We had two storms in December that dropped over a foot each. Another left behind about eight inches. It's only January 1st & already I'm sick of snow!

We certainly had a white Christmas this year & the sleds & snow tubes that my boys got were well appreciated and already well used at this point.

I've been trying to find some data to back me up that Maine is certainly not part of global warming - at least not this season. I should have saved the time I wasted doing research on the Internet the other day & asked our resident weather man (great-grandpa).

He informed us today that last year at this time it was RAINING! We did have a lot of ice but not much snow. We didn't even receive our first snow of any significance until February 14th! I'm wondering at this point where we're going to be putting all the snow we're getting up to this point alone!

I went shopping today as cabin fever was starting to set in - it's only January 1st remember. I think it's going to be a long winter. I had been home for two days & knew I wouldn't be going anywhere tomorrow as hubby will need the 4-wheel drive truck to get to work. As I came home I stopped at the end of our driveway & snapped this photo...it's already snowing...again...we're going to get up to 16 INCHES! Anyone have a spare room they'd be willing to let me borrow for a few months this winter???


  1. LOL...I agree, Lisa. We got about 10" yesterday and it is snowing again right now. I actually am enjoying the snow...so far. I'm sure I will tire of it soon. If it has to be cold and gray, I would rather have snow as it gives the kids more to do.

    Stay warm!

  2. Beautiful! I am cathing up today on blogs. I am so behind in reading. The pictures of the snow are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Just checking out your blog! Great photos! Isn't it beautiful outside? Yeah, so about global warming . . .
    See you soon! God bless.

  4. Hello - I have been enjoying you blog. I am a newbie homeschooler who came across your blog. It seems to be a SMALL world - my grandfather is Charles Berry. He grew up in South Boston and had family in Maine. Maybe we are related? Anyway - thank you for being one of my Homeschool mentors!!!!

  5. I love the looks of your snowy road. You can send some snow our direction, please.


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