Friday, January 25, 2008

And so it continues...

We headed over to visit my Mom today & they had a small birthday party planned for J since they hadn't made it over here for his birthday. He was VERY excited about getting more cake & more presents.

He even enjoyed eating a blue candy cane......

They (as in my niece & her boyfriend) decided enough with the Thomas - let's get the kid some REALLY cool toys! So they picked out this John Deere play set for my parents to give him & then they picked out a Hot Wheels Land Rover remote control car. He loves them all.

Just before we left I asked J one more time how old he was. He immediately replied, "I'm five!" Um, no sweetie, you're only four. When I reminded him that today did not mean he was now five, he asked if he could have "one more number" & be five. ::grin:: I love how kids think!

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