Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blog Challenge: Tartan

So why am I posting about tartan today? Because Dorothy over at You Did What? issued a blog challenge on our SHS group. My dad's family originally came from Scotland - or so the story goes - and I have always loved all things Scottish. I'm still hoping I will eventually get to visit there some day!

There is this really neat website that helps you figure out what your family's tartan is. Click here to go to the link. I was actually surprised to find that my maiden name did not show up as it's own clan - shows how much I know! It did come up as being part of the MacPherson clan. (by-the-way - I am not planning on sharing my maiden name here but I can assure you it is nothing at all similar to MacPherson!!!! ::grin::)

This is what came up as the regular tartan for the MacPherson clan. You could also check out other versions (dress, casual, pipers, etc.) I found it interesting how they were all such different patterns & seemingly colors.

For the fun of it, I also did my married name which isn't such a secret here (Berry). Again, that didn't come up in and of itself (which I wasn't as surprised about). It did come up as being part of the Forbes clan. This tartan was the default for that clan.

Now this tartan is more of what I always think of when I think of plaids & tartans. I love this color. It's another version of one of the Forbes plaids.

Neat challenge, Dorothy!


  1. I love how your tartans are all so different and unique. And pretty, too!

  2. I love them both! Very pretty!

  3. There is a wonderful variety of tartans, isn't there?

    Some families are 'septs', that is, affiliated (by loyalty or marriange or some alliance) to one of the larger clans. That's how it is for my mother's family too.


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