Thursday, January 3, 2008

Making More Messes

I'm continuing in my "let-the-kids-make-a-mess" mode & trying to be a bit more accommodating. N received this really cute "Paint-By-Number" mini-set for Christmas. It's a child's version. He's been asking for a few days to try it out so I finally pulled it out & got him set up. He kept at it for quite some time & did rather well, although it was a bit much to try to finish in one sitting.

B was THRILLED with what the mail brought to him today. He received a gift certificate to (his FAVORITE website) for Christmas. I also told him if he finished his math book by the end of the semester I'd let him pick a set on me. His order arrived in the mail today & he spent the afternoon putting them all together.

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  1. Our boys have a lot in common. Our oldest likes to play legos and our youngest likes to paint.


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