Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sledding Fun at Our House

The conditions here in the snowy reaches of Maine are very favorable for sledding. My boys received "boogie board" sleds for Christmas as well as some inner tube sleds. They have been itching to use them & today they headed out. Since we had just received about 17 inches of snow the day before, they had a great area to sled on!

B & J were on the inner tube that J received. It is for him & Grammy to go sledding on. It's a large two person inner tube & it's FUN. There is no way to steer it though which can prove to be problematic.
I thought it adorable how both of them carried it back up the hill. We actually sled right in our driveway. We have a quarter-mile drive & cannot see the road. They boys typically start up by their great-grandfather's farmhouse & go slightly past where our trailer is located. It's only a few hundred feet but they love it.
B started taking flying leaps on to this inner tube. I didn't take a photo & I honestly didn't laugh until after I knew he was fine, but N also tried doing this. However, he tried to jump on bottom first. I heard him crying. He had bounced off & landed on the snow instead. Poor thing!
I took this photo to show how BIG the snowbanks are around here. The boys have been taking their boogie boards to the top & sliding down. N did this for quite some time. You can just see the roof line of my in-laws house over the top.
J headed down on the big sled alone. He is SO fun to watch sliding. He LOVES sledding!
Okay, I almost didn't post this, but hey, one needs to show more photos of oneself right? Yup, I headed down with J on the two person tube. NO steering. I thought I was going to end up hitting the snowbank at the end & instead ending up falling off. Ha! It was a nice break from all the shoveling I was doing though. Most of our drive gets plowed by either my hubby, FIL, or grandfather. However, the area where we park our vehicles & a couple paths have to be shoveled by hand. I did that today. It took me two hours.

Yup, this photo has NOTHING to do with sledding. However, J asked me so sweetly to take his photo that I had to oblige.

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