Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sorting Fun

Since yesterday worked so well with the beans & measuring, I decided to try out this game today with J. I participated in an activity bag swap last year. Sad to say I have used them very little with poor J & that was the whole reason I did the swap! ::sigh::

This was a very cute & easy game. There were tiny plastic cups with a colored bead glued in to the center of it. Then there was a bag of beads that J had to sort & match colors with. He caught on quite quickly & had a great time with it.

In fact, he appeared to be having so much fun that N had to join in with him as soon as he was done with his school. I'm learning that there are very few messes when J is doing this by himself. It's only when N feels he has to join in that things get out of hand! ::grin::


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