Monday, January 21, 2008

Measuring for Fun

Sometimes I hear myself talking to other homeschool moms with little kids & think, "hmm, good idea, I need to do that!" Sad isn't it.

Today I realized I was telling J way too often, "Quiet down" or "Go play" or sometime else similar. It's hard when you are four & so want to be loud or do "school" as well.

So finally today I pulled out some beans, bowls, & measuring cups & let him have at. This is so not like me. After all, what if I get beans all over the floor??? Sad isn't it. ::shrugs::

I have to say though, that it was not messy & J had a great time! He played quite happily for a good thirty minutes. It was long enough for N to finish up & be able to go play with J. In fact, N thought J was having way too much fun & joined in! Of course, that is when it did start to get messy & I made them pick up. ::grin::


  1. Other things to do with beans: color, or by size. I see you have a variety of colors...he'd be kept busy for a long time with that.

    Or, if he can count to 10, have him make groups of 10 and place them in piles on a napkin, or into small containers....

  2. I remember letting my little ones finger paint while I was trying to finish school with the older ones . .in the back of my mind I was concerned about the mess I would have but once I saw how much they enjoyed it and what time it gave us to finish it was all worth it.

  3. He looks like he was having a lovely time. I need to pull out the beans one of these days...maybe. ::snort::


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