Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Super Easy MOPS Craft

After introducing my MOPS group to a rather time intensive craft last week, I decided to go a bit easier on them this week. I found this idea here & it really is super easy.

Supplies needed: fake flowers, floral tape, pens, & wire cutters.
Before I went to our meeting I cut down all the stems so they were about 1-2 inches long. To make the pens, you simply hold the fake flower to the top of the pen & then use the floral tape to cover the pen & hold the flower in place. I found that it was easier to rip off lengths of the floral tape & not use it while on the roll. And, in case there is anyone else there like me who has never used floral tape before, it's actually not sticky like regular tape & but it holds well to itself.

This craft literally only took about ten minutes to day & ended up costing us just about $2 each. Have fun!


  1. You must be the projector coordinator?

  2. We made these years ago for a women's event we had. They were a huge hit!


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