Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Expecting Baby

This "diaper-cake" was made by my SIL's MIL. There is a fireman duck on top as that is what my BIL does for work - he's a firefighter paramedic.

My SIL is expecting her first baby. It's pretty exciting time. They have chosen not to find out the baby's sex which is really fun in this day & age. The great part...I have three boys & her SIL (brother's sister) has two girls. Each new grandmother is wishing for the opposite sex & no, my SIL is not expecting twins. ;-)

Before everyone left, we did a little "folk tale magic" to determine the sex of the baby. We're thinking it's going to be a boy - at least that is what my SIL's wedding ring on a piece of her hair told us & I'm sure it's accurate! ;-)

We weren't sure if the surprise had been pulled off or not, but my SIL assured us that she had no idea and was very surprised. She seemed to be as she walked in the door & saw over a dozen family members & friends there to celebrate with her.

We had a really great time watching her open all the new fun baby things. She received so many cute little outfits, neat toys, & great baby things.

My SIL's MIL knitted this adorable baby robe for her (she also knitted a snowsuit & hats!). There were some very creative gifts given. Her Mom gave her a cross-stitched blanket (each of my boys have one from her as well).

It was great to have a weekend away from my boys to spend time with a bunch of fun ladies - family & friends.

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