Thursday, March 6, 2008


Some days it's just good to write out what I've accomplished in a day. Just so I can see that I have accomplished something. So here goes....

  • Showered - always a good day when I can start out clean. ;-)
  • Loaded all trash in to the truck with help from my 11 year old
  • Headed out to run errands
  • First stop was the post office where I mailed a DVD for Swap a DVD (I'm enjoying this so far).
  • Next stop was the bank. It's my "payday" today. My hubby has our joint account at a bank near his work. We get free everything there since he does a direct deposit. However, it's about an hours drive & it's the only branch. So I have a separate account locally since I also do photography on the side. So I write myself a check each week from our joint account & cash it at the credit union where I have my business account. We try to only use cash each week to keep us on budget. Oh & my boys all enjoyed the lollipops - as usual.
  • From there we headed to the dump. Yup, we have to take care of our trash & oh, the dump (or should I say "transfer station?) is about a 30-40 minute drive for me. I go every other week.
  • Then we headed back to the "big city." It's really not that big but it's the closest town to us where I typically do my shopping. Our first stop was the local Tractor Supply Company. We hadn't checked it out yet. I was looking for a small package of grass seeds to do a craft next week with my local homeschooling group. All I could find were huge bags of it. We're going to be planting herbs instead. ;-)
  • Then we headed to a local gymnastics place. They have opened up their gym on Thursday mornings from 10-12 for free for homeschoolers (and anyone else who wants to come). My boys LOVE going. I only let them stay for an hour this week as I still had more to do.
  • We headed to the "big" grocery store next. Since my boys had run nearly non-stop for an hour, it was a nice quiet run through the store for our weekly groceries.
  • As a treat I took them to McDonald's for lunch. This is always a huge hit. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea. The line getting out of there was NUTS. People were actually cutting off those of us in the drive-through line before we could even pull away from the last window. Crazy. Thankfully I managed to get out without hitting anyone or getting hit. Always a good thing.
  • It's about a 30 minute drive home. I was concerned that my four year old would conk out before we got here but since he had food to eat that kept him awake. I really wanted him to have his nap at home since we go back out tonight for AWANA.
  • I actually stopped & bought them all treats as they were so well behaved today. They certainly appreciated them! :-)
  • Then home to put away all the groceries. Not a lot of fun.
  • We also did some "basic" school today (handwriting, math, phonics) and my oldest & I are currently working on a free 12-week unit study on elections. I think he's liking it. I also printed out a free election lapbook that we'll start putting together but I think it's going to end up more as notebooking pages rather than a finished lapbook. We're also added in information from Smithsonian in your Classroom called Winning the Vote.
  • I've also done a complete load of wash that is currently drying.
  • Once I finish up my e-mail and blogging, I'll be making an early supper for all. We leave here again in about 45 minutes to head back to "town" for AWANA. We'll be there until 8pm tonight & then back home to bed. Phew!

And all of that is being accomplished while I have a yucky cold. Blah! But at least I feel better that I've actually done something today. :-)


  1. Great job, Lisa! Sometimes it is good to write things down and realize how much we do accomplish.

  2. You have been BUSY! We do have garbage service out here, but over the course of several months bigger things start to pile up in the garage and a couple of times a year dh has to make a run to the dump as well.

  3. The free gym time sounds GREAT! We also live 30-45 minutes from town and those days when we have to make 2 trips really cut into our $$ budget and eat up a lot of TIME as well.


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