Monday, March 3, 2008

Got Snow?

A local friend asked that very question this week. It's winter. In Maine. We have snow. Trust me on that. Last winter we never had any lasting snow until February. This year it started in November and never left. Ever. At least so far.

I started looking around for some photos to show just how much snow we've gotten. I went to visit my sister today. She lives an hour south of me. Trust me. They haven't received as much snow as we have. We live north & in the mountains. We have a lot more snow.

However, here is one photo I took today.....

This is my sister's Great Dane, Tucker. He's big. That fence he's standing's six feet tall. He's standing on snow on the inside of the fence - see that pile outside the fence?? In fact, my sister's "puppy," Tank (a bull mastiff) keeps jumping the fence & exploring the neighborhood. She was heading out to shovel it down some after I left.

So when I got home & parked my truck, I had to take a photo of my snowbank. Now I will say that my FIL has had to move the snow with his tractor bucket loader. However, do you see the size of that snowbank!!!! It's nuts!

According to the NOAA website that tracks seasonal snowfall say that we're in the 38-77 inch range. I'm thinking we're on that higher end since I remember at least three storms of 12 inches or more plus many little ones of 4-6 inches. The NOAA site also had a map showing the snow depth. Yikes! Spring simply can't get here fast enough!

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  1. You could send some snow our direction! We really don't get as much as people think when they think of our state.


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