Monday, April 7, 2008

Planting Spring

Spring is slowly coming to Maine, but I figured we could use a little boost. I've had the dirt & seeds for quite a few weeks. I had B pull out some flower pots from under the sink. The blue one he is using & the purple one J is using were ones B had made in daycare eons ago. I have marigolds planted in yet a third I have from those days.

They had a great time planting some oregano seeds. Now they are waiting to see some green sprouts. Not yet though.


  1. We haven't started planting anything yet, but we're starting to see some signs of spring as well.

  2. HOW FUN! I'm debating if I should plant some seeds as we still have to make garden boxes or wait. My uncle used to say to wait for the ground to be warm...but the ground is pretty much warm down here most the year. LOL I may just plant seeds right into the ground - or cheat and get plants.


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