Friday, April 18, 2008

First Spring Walk

Each spring we can't wait to get outside. This year seemed to be worse with all the snow we received. It was a record-breaking year here in Maine for snow at least it felt like it was! In fact, notice all the snow still along the edges of our driveway & all of the boys in T-shirts no less. Spring in Maine - there's nothing else like it.

Along the way we tried to find some signs of spring. We did find this poor old pine cone. We saw a few new holes from woodpeckers as well. No buds quite yet even though it's been rather warm lately.

With all the snow melting the spring runoff has been amazing to watch. This little stream is actually the water flowing down the ditch. We had quite a lot of fun playing with the currents here. The boys threw in leaves and twigs & watched the water carry them away. A nice little bit of science thrown in with a lot of fun.

About halfway down this camp road is a great little waterfall that only runs well in the spring. There is a great big rock to stand on as well. Of course little boys have to throw rocks & such into any body of water. My guys had a great time doing just that.

Heading home....

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  1. When I see all that snow, I think about how it was 3 years ago when I was living at my mom's house, waiting to get to Germany. The weather surely was different THIS year! I'm sort of glad it wasn't like that in '05...we'd have died with what little we packed!


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