Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I did something this spring that I had never done before...I signed both N & B up for baseball through our town rec program. I actually even signed up J but that's a later story. I typically only sign the boys up for programs they can do at the same time - even if it's back to back.

Last summer they did swimming lessons. They did them at the same time so that worked okay. I was concerned about baseball but was assured it would be doable. Oh my! We are out every night of the week. Weekends are home - for the most part. B does have some Sunday evening games. His first game was actually Sunday morning at 9:15 - on Mother's Day no less. We told his coach he wouldn't be there.

N has games or practices every Tuesday & Thursday. Here he is with his team warming up before their first game. He LOVES playing. It's a riot to watch this league play. They are all in K-2nd grade. A lot of bug watching & cloud watching happens in between chasing balls all over the field. :-)

B is actually playing in a league in the town that's about 20 minutes away. They didn't not have enough 11 & 12 year olds for a team for our town. This means this league schedules without regard to N's schedule. Therein lies the issue for me this year.

Thankfully it seems to be that B has a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule & N the Tuesday & Thursday schedule. There was one conflict early on in the season during a practice session & my MIL came to my rescue. She came to B's practice, kept J with her & let me go alone to N's practice. Phew! I'm glad that was a one time occurrence.

The boys are having a great time playing though & I guess that's what matters most - at this point anyway. I'll have to seriously think before I do this again next year.

And now that I have this all written - I think I've already blogged on this. ::sigh:: Oh'll understand if I'm repeating myself right?

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