Saturday, May 17, 2008

Academic Finale

For the first time this year our homeschooling group did a year end presentation. We had ten children participate which was a pretty good turnout. We had the children just share some of the things they had learned over the course of the year.

N worked on this train lapbook. We found it at Homeschool Share. N loves trains. He lives & breathes trains! He plays a train simulator game on the computer where he drives a real train - different kinds. He has many different train sets & still plays with them daily. In fact, next year I'm going to do one special project with each boy. N, no surprise here, has picked trains.

B started asking me about the election process during the primary elections here in our state. At about that time I heard about a free 12-week unit study on the election process for the elementary grades. Homeschool Share also had a free election lapbook that we did as well. He had a really good time with this. We also attended the one-day TeenPact seminar for 8-12 year olds. He loved it which surprised me. He got right up & talked in front of everyone with no problem. Sometimes he holds back so I was surprised (although so proud!) that he had no hesitation. We're looking forward to going back again next year.

One little boy brought a volcano & let all the other kids put together the baking powder & vinegar for an "explosion." My guys really loved that.

All in all it was a fun morning. It was a great way to end our homeschool support group for the summer. We'll do some fun field trips but we'll suspend meetings until the fall. Yeah summer!

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  1. FUN! We have some kids from our co-op who go to Teen Pact each year. Perhaps I'll send our 11 yo this year. Thanks for the election study. That might be something fun to do this summer.


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