Monday, May 19, 2008

The DinoPastor

One lady in my homeschool group put together this great talk for the community. We had over 140 people attending! The Rev. Paul Viet (aka the DinoPastor) talks about creation & dinosaurs.
He was wonderful. He talked to the kids level & kept their interest for over an hour. He described how God created the dinosaurs (formed). Then due to Adam & Eve's sin (fallen) sin came in to the world. God took sin out of the world & saved Noah (flood). Then the memory of the dinosaurs began to lessen with each generation removed from before the Flood (faded). Fast forward to when fossils began to be discovered & the dinosaurs were then found. Those were the five "F's" that he taught the kids.
After we were able to go up & check out the neat fossils he brought along with him. He actually just started a small creation museum right here in Maine! The name of it is called The Dinosaur Encounter (and he had to fight to get that name put on the directional signs). Declare God's Wonders is the name of his outreach. I definitely want to get out to visit his museum at some point. They have some much bigger fossils there!

A dinosaur foot print.

Do you really want to know??? It's fossilized dino dung.

At the beginning of the program he allowed six families (we were one) to come up for a contest. We had to roar like a dinosaur & he had the sound guy pick a winner. We didn't win the contest, but all did win a small piece of fossilized dino dung. It looks like a nicely polished stone. I carried it around in my pocket all day.

More of the fossils he brought. There were some neat pieces of amber. He also had a fossilized teddy bear. It fossilized in a mere four months. As he said, it was all in the environmental situation not time that causes fossils.

J is standing by femur bone (I think) to a dinosaur of some type. Pretty big isn't it.

My boys had a really good time. At least B did. I think a lot of it went over N's head & most of it went over J's head, but they were still pretty good throughout the talk. I was so thankful that Wendy put this together for us. It was great.


  1. I totally believe that God created EVERYTHING...dinosaurs included. There was no big bang, and that theory just can't explain anything...but GOD can.

  2. That is so cool. My son would have loved a whole thing about dino's! :) Gald you had fun!

  3. That's AWESOME! I'm going to check out that website. Perhaps he has a video of his lecture or something our co-op can check out. We are going to study the ancients this fall. TOG Year 1.

  4. Neat field trip, what a wonderful opportunity!!!


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