Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nature Scavenger Hunt

We had hoped to connect with our MOPS group today to go on a nature hike on the campus where my in-laws work. They have some great trails over there. However, the weather just didn't cooperate. It was rainy & overcast so we came home. It's been raining off & on all day, but during a moment when it was nice outside, I sent off the two older boys to do the nature scavenger hunt I had planned for the MOPS group here at home. N took the list & crayon (more on that in a minute) & B took my digital camera with strict instructions to be careful! ;-)

The photos came out wonderfully so here you go....


Dead tree
This tree fell over in a recent storm so although it still has lots of green leaves on it, it will die soon.

Pine Cone


Blade of grass
I love how this photo came out.

Clover Leaf
A bit blurry


Pine Tree

Seed or seed pod

Shiny rock

(I love that "new" green look of spring growth.)

"Y" shaped twig

Pine needles

one of my favorite shots that B took

Hole in a tree

(there is more of an indent than a hole - right in the middle of the photo)

Dark or light green leaf

Small pebbles

Unusual shaped leaf

Rocks with many colors

Different shades of green or brown


  1. Great idea! I bet my little one would have fun with that! He LOVES to take pictures.

  2. That looks like they had tons of fun! I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I love this idea. It sounds like you do some wonderful things with your MOPS group.


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