Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fridge Makeover

I had some time last night to browse some of the blogs I have bookmarked. A favorite of mine is 1+1+1=1. Ideas abound on that site & I highly, HIGHLY recommend you go check it out! If you have a young one, I really recommend looking over the Tot School links. There is just so much on there.

What I wanted to highlight today though is the post on The Learning Fridge. I seriously think I felt a light bulb just POP in my head last night while I was reading it. What a great way to motivate my kiddos! I started thinking of how I would work it for my guys & jumped in today with a fridge makeover.

Here is my "before" photo....

I'm sure many of you reading this are just cringing at the site of this fridge. What a hodge-podge! The majority of mess on here are photos received in Christmas cards. Not to imply that they are a "mess" but they are going the way of a special scrapbook - sooner rather than later - at least that is the plan. Those photos are mostly on the left hand side.

On the right hand side is just - well - mess. There are magnets the boys have made, a weekly menu that is - um - empty right now but I'm so blaming baseball for that since we are rarely eating any sort of "family dinner" right now since we are typically gone at that time for one baseball game or another.

I spent time this afternoon putting together prize earning sheets for each boy. They are all slightly different given the age differences. Obviously J can't do the same things at age 4 that B can do at age 11-3/4.

Here is my after photo.....

On the left hand side we now have a simple scrapbook layout I did of the boys last year. I also added the birth announcement of my nephew. Below that is a cute magnet my sister gave me for Christmas about sisters, the menu list, plus the grocery list. On the orange paper below that is a Proverb that the boys will work on memorizing. I did leave the train magnets on there for some play time for the little ones.

On the right hand side we now have magnets for the places I call regularly for appointments so I don't have to look them up. The green paper is B's prize sheet, the blue is N's & the red is J's.

Missing from the fridge is the sheet to learn their address & phone number since I had already filled that in. That will go on the bottom of the right hand side.

I'm not going to list each boys sheet on how to earn points, but here is B's. N & J's are slightly modified for their age.

For each book you read, you get 2 points.
You must write the name of the book on your reading forms (Books for Bikes & Maine State Library forms)
You each 2 points for each book you read to your brothers.

For each math page you do in your MUS book, you get 1 point.

Letter Writing
For each letter you write to a family or friend you get 2 points.

2 points for memorizing a section of your AWANA book
2 points for reading 1 chapter of your Bible & then telling me about what you read.
2 points for memorizing Proverbs on fridge

2 points when you ride your bike for 15 minutes.
2 points when you run 4 laps.
1 point for playing outside – actively – for 30 minutes

For each lapbook we complete – you will earn 10 points – after you share it with someone & show them what you have learned.

1 point every time you make your bed nicely.
2 points every time you empty the dishwasher without being asked.
3 points when you pick up your room completely.
2 points when you put all your clothes away.
1 point when you vacuum the living room & hallway without being asked.

There is also this is big bold letters at the bottom:

You will not receive ANY points if you whine, complain, or cry about doing any of the above.

And this is the list of prizes they can pick from:

60 minutes of computer play time

Video of your choice to watch

Your pick of video from Netflix

Ice-Cream at Gifford’s

Stay up an extra 30 minutes with Mom & Dad

Candy bar of your choice

New book from Mr. Paperback

$5 to spend at Dollar Tree

Free chore day – no chores at all

Have friend over to play

We'll be starting on Monday. They are already excitedly planning what they will redeem for their first prize. I'm hoping they stay motivated! I'll be sure to post updates.


  1. WOW! That's quite a transformation!

  2. Ok, I'm eagerly awaiting news on how this goes... if it works, I may have to give it a whirl! You were sure busy today coming up with lots of cool ideas! Keep me posted!

  3. Way cool! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Looks like a great plan and your frig looks great!

  5. Cool - all from a fridge makeover. I like your plans and will be checking back to see how it goes. Thanks for sharing.


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